Emotional win for the Colts

October 7th, 2012 at 11:09 pm by under Sports 18

It was an incredible day for the Indianapolis Colts! Most people didn’t give the Colts a chance to beat the Green Bay Packers but they were able to pull off the 30-27 upset.

Somehow, the Colts used their emotion in the right way and made an incredible comeback! It was a tough week for the Colts, who found out that their head coach Chuck Pagano had been diagnosed with Leukemia. He was watching the game from his hospital room this afternoon and what he witnessed was a group of guys that came together and fought with everything they had to honor their coach. It was one of the most impressive games I have ever watched. Historically, it was an impressive game too. Green Bay had not suffered a loss in a game while leading by 18 points at halftime since November 1957! It also was the biggest comeback victory for the Colts since Peyton Manning led them back in the AFC Championship game against the Patriots!

Andrew Luck played an incredible game. He is a special player and he proved today that he is no ordinary rookie. Luck threw for 362 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for a touchdown in the win. Also, how about the play of wide receiver Reggie Wayne? The guy was simply amazing! He finished with 212 yards receiving and the game winning touchdown.

It’s hard to believe but if it wasn’t for one bad defensive play against Jacksonville, this Colts team would be 3-1 on the season. Not too shabby for a team that no one expected to hardly do anything this season.

The Colts are here to play and they will continue to grow together as a unit as they give everything they have for their coach! What a fun game to watch and I hope there are many more wins like this one!

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