53 Years Ago Significant Fall Severe Weather Occurred In the Viewing Area

September 29th, 2012 at 2:36 pm by under Chad's WLFI Weather Blog

September 28, 1959

Late September 26-28, 1959 was an extremely active & deadly time in the Midwest & eventually mid-Atlantic with severe weather & tornado outbreaks.  On September 26, at least 21 tornadoes were confirmed by the Weather Bureau (pre-cursor to the National Weather Service) from Wisconsin & Illinois to Missouri & one tornado in southern Indiana (supercells on warm front).  A violent tornado of F4 strength was confirmed in Missouri with most of the tornadoes in Illinois at F2 strength.  The very next day, tornadoes occurred from Oklahoma to Illinois with two tornadoes in our area on September 28, one north of Rochester (F1) & one in Cass County (F2).  Damaging wind & hail also occurred in the viewing area.  On September 29, tornadoes occurred North Carolina to Virginia.  Ivy, Virginia was directly hit by a significant tornado with major damage & 11 fatalities.

Looking at parameters, they were certainly Moderate to High Risk days September 26-28 in the Midwest.

In Cass County, the F2 tornado (winds up to 157 mph) did damage north of Logansport, while damaging winds & hail of up to 1.25″ diameter occurred over most of the viewing area on September 28.  The other tornado, an F1 (with winds up to 112 mph) did damage north of Rochester from U.S. 31 to Michigan Road.

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