Lafayette Basketball Academy

July 27th, 2011 at 3:26 pm by under Sports 18

The Lafayette Basketball Academy is such a neat story! A coach with a love and passion for the game of basketball has built a program from the ground up and has area athletes in the gym during the summer months. Coach Gibbs is such a nice guy that truly wants kinds that come to the LBA to be successful on and off the floor.

This year he won a National Championship with the girls Varsity team that competed against the nations best. He also led a boys varsity team to a runner up finish. I hope the LBA continues to grow in the Lafayette and West Lafayette community.


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  1. JD says:

    Area athlete’s parents need to do a background check on this coach.

  2. dj says:

    ben Keep your head up!! people will always try to bring you down when you are headed to the top! JD get a life!! you need to support somone who is honestly trying to use basketball to change the direction of the youth of lafayette and west lafayette for the best! DONT HATE! PARTICIPATE!!!

  3. proud parent of LBA student says:

    It is really sad that someone would be so negative as to post such a rude comment about a coach who has done nothing but encourage and teach strong fundamentals to area athletes. The kids love him and the parents love him and his players show solid skills on and off the court. I guess “JD” is trying to hold against the coach a several year old “alleged” offense that shows up on public access files that was DISMISSED due to unsubstantiated claims. If you do your research “JD” as the parents of LBA have- you will see that there was no formal charges ever filed and the traffic violation was the result of a “tinted window” violation. This coach is the best coach in the area and teaches the strongest core skills around. Whatever the purpose that you have in trying to downplay someone elses contribution to area athletics is, I would hope that you put the same effort into supporting the youth of this community! It is not suprising that you are too embarrassed to attach your name to your post! I wouldnt either!

  4. Colleen - another proud parent of LBA player says:

    Wow, how extremely sad JD! To slander someone on here is absolutely unacceptable! I am also a proud parent of 2 boys that play LBA Basketball for Ben Gibbs. What an awesome guy and an amazing coach! My boys are where they are today because of Ben Gibbs and his coaching ability. He truly loves the game of basketball and coaches like non other. Ben, keep up the great work!

  5. Joe athletes father says:

    Just looked up the web page and saw whats written , wanted to put my experience in. Benn Gibbs is an all around awsome leader and christion man. He teaches the kids to do their best. He ends his sections with a prayer of incuragment/and thanks. He takes an intrest in your child individually, not just as a team. Checks out the kids other activity games off the court to show his support of them. Never has he done anything inapropriate or unsupported by the parents. Keep up the great work Benn!!!!!

  6. LBA Player says:

    Ben Gibbs is the very best coach I have ever worked with. He is willing to put in he time required to truly make a difference in the lives of his players. He is dedicated to teaching and does a great job of it. JD, that comment did not reflect Ben’s morale values or his background. What matters is that he is dedicated to helping people, and is a great coach.

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